DESPITE reports that their tour was off, Ali Campbell confirmed that he, Michael Virtue and Terrence “Astro” Wilson would be touring South Africa at the start of April.

“We are on tour in South Africa. We’re on tour all over the world. We’re going to maintain playing under the name of UB40,” Campbell told the Cape Times yesterday.

The three members of the original band have been criticised recently by the remaining five for working under the name “UB40”.

Campbell and Virtue left the band in 2008, and Wilson joined them last year.

Reports the tour was off came about after the other five members – Robin Campbell, Brian Travers, James Brown, Earl Falconer and Norman Hassan – released a statement discrediting the tour.

“We would like to make it known to all UB40 fans in South Africa that the shows being advertised… are not genuine. Three former members, Ali Campbell, ‘Astro’ and Michael Virtue are fraudulently masquerading as UB40.”

Their manager, Dan Harper, added that “there will be imminent legal action regarding the use of the name”.

But Ali Campbell said: “They can take legal action, but they know there’s nothing they can do.”

The South African tour is still advertised for Val de Vie estate in Paarl on April 4 and Emmarentia Dam in Johannesburg on April 5. - Cape Times

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