Victoria Beckham got so drunk on the day Spice Girls signed record deal, she hurled her knickers from taxi

Spice Girls. Picture: Instagram

Spice Girls. Picture: Instagram

Published Sep 16, 2022


Victoria Beckham got so drunk on the day the Spice Girls signed their record deal she threw her underwear from a taxi.

Former Posh Spice singer, now 48, eventually fell asleep in her dinner knickerless at a posh restaurant after the celebration, according to her bandmate Melanie C.

Melanie C says in her new autobiography, “Who I Am”, the ’90s girl group had a wild cab ride in west London after the group signed to Virgin Records in 1995, before they went on to sell 100 million records.

The Sun reported on September 14: Melanie C says in the book: “By the time we arrived, the taxi was a wreck; there was lipstick, champagne and flowers all over it. Somehow, Victoria’s knickers ended up being chucked out of the window.”

She added their manager Simon Fuller, 62, had to give the annoyed taxi driver £50 to cover the mess and compensate for the girls’ “terrible behaviour”.

The mum-of-one said: “We steamed into this incredibly posh restaurant, stinking of booze and ciggies, and crashed onto the table. The other diners were not amused.

“By this point, Victoria was so drunk she pretty much fell asleep face down in her dinner. She was still knickerless!”

Melanie C, who along with Beckham was in the Spice Girls with Geri Horner, 50, Emma Bunton, 46, and Melanie Brown, 47, also reveals in the book how she was left devastated after a failed romance with “Take That” star Robbie Williams, 48.

She says in her memoir according to The Sun: “Robbie did behave badly – he led me on and then abruptly dropped me at a time when I was incredibly vulnerable.

“I don’t have any bad feelings towards him now, but he did break my heart a bit. I was hurt and I was humiliated.

“It was somebody I had admired, and he pursued me and then treated me badly.”

Melanie C’s book is out after she appeared on the “How To Fail” podcast earlier this week to promote the autobiography, on which she revealed for the first time she was sexually assaulted by a male masseur the night before the Spice Girls’ first concert.

Known as Sporty Spice, she said she booked a massage at her hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, on the evening before the show in October 1997 when the attack occurred – leaving her feeling “violated” and “embarrassed”.

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