Vuyo Dabula talks about his healing journey and his return to the screen

Published Jun 25, 2024


Model, actor and body-builder Vuyo Dabula, best known for his role as Gaddafi in Generations: The Legacy is coming back to acting after a one-year break due to gun violence.

Dabula has opened up about his journey of healing from the gun shooting incident and his comeback to acting.

In an interview with GQ, Dabula revealed that he spent a good part of 2023 recovering from a gunshot wound.

“I was the victim of gun violence in December 2022, so much of 2023 was focused on my recovery. I’ve also been hitting the gym quite hard, and I am now fully recovered,” he said.

Dabula, who has been shooting an advert, says he is excited by the role and the Sunbet campaign, which has made him feel alive.

“Professionally, after recovering, I played the lead in an amazing ad for SunBet, it was an incredible experience since I hadn't done an ad in a while,” he said.

Dabula has also worked on a film for Showmax. However, he said he’s been focusing more on healing both physically and mentally as the near-death experience scared him.

“I've been focusing on recovery, both physically and mentally. Physical workouts have been particularly helpful,” he said.

He also said that this break from the screen allowed him to rediscover other interests, like cooking.

“I’ve been enjoying making meal preps for the gym, cooking cheat meals, and cooking for my son. Additionally, I've been getting back into playing the guitar with a tutor here in South Africa,” he said.

He said he had time to rest and figure things out, as well as to reconnect with important relationships as the entertainment and film industry can be demanding.

But Dabula made time to share advice with young actors, urging them to be interested in people, different situations and cultures.

“Engage with artists, shoot music videos, and spend time in diverse environments. Networking and connecting with people naturally leads to opportunities. Be open, kind, and curious, and you will find yourself in diverse situations.” he said.

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