There are so many reasonably priced clothing stores available to us now, there is no need to spend R1 500 on a pair of jeans, for instance.

London - Mom is the word for women looking for the truth about which clothes suit them, a report shows.

The tricky question “does my bum look big in this?” is much more likely to be answered honestly by mothers, not a partner or even a best friend, the study found.

Of the 2 000 women questioned, 70 percent said their mothers would tell them if an outfit they tried on didn’t suit them or fit properly.

By contrast, husbands and boyfriends were the worst to shop with. Over half (56 percent) believed their partner had told them that something looked good just to get the trip over with as soon as possible.

But being honest about how their daughters looked didn’t always make mothers popular.

Best friends came out as women’s favourite people to shop with, with 22 percent choosing them.

Best friends were also voted least likely to become involved in an argument while out shopping.

The study was commissioned by The Chimes shopping centre in Uxbridge, west London.

Spokesman Donna Watson said: “I know how much I value the advice and opinions of other women when shopping for a new outfit and it seems many female shoppers feel the same way.” - Daily Mail