Adam Catzavelo recorded himself using the K-word.
Adam Catzavelos kept the streets of Twitterville buzzing since a video of himself using the K-word while on a beach in what is believed to be somewhere in Greece  emerged on social media.

Catzavelos is seen giving a weather update and this he is also heard using derogatory words on the video that went viral, "Let me give you a weather forecast here; blue skies, beautiful day, amazing sea and not one k****r in sight...F****ng heaven on earth”.

Though this is a sensitive issue among many South Africans, because the word  k****r is  a term for black people used during the apartheid era, however some still manage to find humour in the situation.

Amidst the social frenzy, a hashtag Adam Catzavelos Challenge was born. Local comedians David Kau, Tats Nkonzo are some of the stars that took to the challenge.

Please note that the videos contain strong language.