Stylist and 'Date My Family' participant Mdu Nyoni. PICTURE: Twitter
Date My Family participant Mdu Nyoni explains in the 14:44 minute video that he went to the show because as a young professional, 24 hours is not enough for all his business ventures and time to look for love.

Mdu became a victim of Black Twitter after an episode of Mzanzi magic's Date My Family aired on Sunday, wherein he was looking for a potential love interest. His UK accent that seemed to "come and go", his history and family in England, his businesses and even his identity all came into question as 'Twitter FBI' kept digging up details of his life that he may have preferred to keep private. In the video, the stylist addresses all the questions raised after the show and clarifies other "facts" about his life.

He also says in the video, "I've got people claiming I've stolen cars. What right do you have to write [something like that] about someone you've never met before? But I‚ as Mdu‚ will not be backlashed. Whoever wants to find an opportunity to slash can go ahead." "I'd like to say to black Twitter‚ wow! The stories that I've read‚ I think we've got great scriptwriters in Mzansi – from allegations‚ to dramatic stuff‚ to 'oh my God' stuff‚” he says to his trolls.