The 57 year old music mogul, Simon Cowell. PICTURE: [email protected]

Simon Cowell says his worst nightmare would be outliving his two year old son Eric.

The 57 year old music mogul says becoming a father to two year old Eric has helped him understand on a much deeper level how awful it must be for parents to hear their children are not well and is supporting Together for Short Lives, a charity which helps children with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions and their families.


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He said: “Now that I am a father I understand on a much deeper level how devastating it would be to hear the news that your child was unwell. Knowing you will outlive your own child is everyone's worst nightmare and I am more aware than ever that it can happen to anyone.”


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And Simon who has Eric with his partner Lauren Silverman - feels incredibly lucky to be able to get to know the amazing children and finds the whole experience incredibly humbling.

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He added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I like to go to hospices as often as I can and we have a tea party for the families at The Dorchester each year, to give them a great day out to remember.


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“I count myself incredibly lucky to be able to be part of that and see how happy it can make these truly brave families. Days like that are always incredibly humbling. I've met some very young kids who have all sorts of very different conditions. It's the spirit and bravery of them all though - the kids and the families - that really shines through and inspires me.”

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Meanwhile, Simon is reportedly set to spend Christmas this year with his family rather than his ex-girlfriends.


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A source said: “This Christmas is a real turning point for Simon because he has been allowed to spend it with Adam and he is taking it very seriously by cancelling his usual holiday with the harem. Instead, he is whisking Lauren and the kids off to sail around the Caribbean.