An additional 20 percent admitted to having had too much to drink at such a soiree.

London - Men brag more often than women and are more likely to lie to cover up their personal shortcomings, a study shows.

Seventy percent admit to blowing their own trumpet – compared with only 54 percent of women.

And 46 percent admit they claim to be skilled in areas they know little about.

Commenting on the poll, Cary Cooper, a psychologist at Lancaster University, said men are conditioned to be more competitive than women.

“The reason for men being more boastful than women stems from traditional male and female roles,” he said.

“In the past, men were more likely to be the main breadwinners, with a need to boast to achieve success within the competitive male-dominated workplace.

“Outside the workplace, boasting may be used by men for impressing members of the opposite sex.”

The figures were based on a poll of 2 000 people by, a travel ticket firm. The survey also shows that we are more likely to be boastful and to show off when we are young.

Fifty-six percent of 18- 24-year-olds exaggerate their skills, compared with 26 percent of over-55s. The research found that men in particular struggle to admit to things they are bad at (22 percent). - Daily Mail