(File image) Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis says being a father has taught him to “resist the urge to speak”.

The Die Hard actor - who has a seven-week-old daughter, Mabel, with wife Emma Heming, as well as three grown-up girls, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah with ex-spouse Demi Moore - admits he now knows the importance of listening to people rather than voicing his own opinions.

He said: “Sometimes I have to resist the urge to speak. I learned it from dealing with my kids. That's my number one rule. It applies in life. But it's more about being a father. I'd rather hear what they have to say. You learn more by listening... (It) is just a matter of not equating drama with actions that will help them. Teach them to shun drama.”

Bruce, 57, says he's now very content in his life and he likes spending time with his close friends and family.

He told Esquire magazine: “I'm happy. Actively happy. I eschew turmoil. Now I'm fun, just with fewer people. I'm in love with my wife and my kids. I require very little. Friends come over, the kids come over when they can. We eat dinner. And I'm happy to play along with their momentum. I save it for them. This is it. I'm happy. This is how I'm doing. That's my fun.” - Bang Showbiz