London - As any budding astronaut will tell you, hoping to own your own home or get married seem fairly run-of-the-mill as far as childhood dreams go.

But for many of us, even those simple aspirations have failed to come true.

Two in five feel their lives have not met their childhood expectations, a survey found, with many feeling there are fewer options open to them than they had hoped for.

And a third admit their goals are hard to achieve because life is more expensive than they realised. Some of those say they have been “too busy’”balancing the demands of their work and social lives to tackle other issues.

It means many landmark events, such as getting married and having children, now happen later in life, according to the study by Barclays.

In fact, 12 percent of marriages, 14 percent of births and 15 percent of first home purchases happen later than we expected as children.

But despite our unfulfilled expectations, 33 percent still claim life has turned out “differently but for the better”. They cite greater life experiences, travelling more and meeting personal challenges as the main reasons.

Fifty-eight percent say having children is key to a “rich life”. This is followed by getting married, buying a home and getting a good job. - Daily Mail