Zodwa Wabantu. Picture: Instagram

Zodwa Wabantu is headed to Washington DC, and according to the entertainer she plans to use this platform to connect the world.

The dancer from Soweto said, about her third international trip, that she is excited to be recognized for the work that she does and feels honoured that her talent is paving way for her to see the world. 

"When you are invited internationally, you really feel that you are famous because there are people out there who are expecting me, who have booked and paid for me," said the self proclaimed queen of Gqom.

Wabantu is jetting off to the US with DJ Bongz aka Mr Gwaragwara.

The racy dancer is due to perform this coming Saturday, same day as the Gqom in Concert is taking place in Durban. She's due to return to Mzansi on Wednesday. 


"Imagine, hrough dance I am able to travel the world. Don't tell me that Zodwa is not pretty or that I am not celebrity enough because I am streetwise. This is proof that you can still be yourself and fly the South African flag high without changing who you are," she said.


Zodwa is due to perform this coming Saturday, at the Gqom concert taking place in Durban.

While in the US, Zodwa wishes to not only meet her idol Amber Rose, but also get a taste of her fashion sense. 

"I imagine if I where to bump into Amber, I love her dress sense", said Wabatu in between the giggles.

"I think I will take only two outfits with me and will head down to do some shopping from their local shops. It won't be those typical Louis Vuitton type shopping but if there is a small street in Washington DC, you will find me there.

"I want to explore their fashion sense and wouldn't mind spending my money in shops like those."