Singer Keyshia Cole. File photo: Peter Kramer

While many people were delighted that R&B girl group Destiny’s Child had reunited for the Super Bowl Halftime Show this weekend, singer Keyshia Cole was not among them.

As viewers raved about the performance in which a leather-clad Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams performed together for the first time in seven years, Cole launched a scathing attack on Twitter.

“I think I was frightened to blink for a second. Then Michelle sung and woke my ass up from my daze! She always [email protected]#$N the groove up.”

Twitter followers did not take well to Cole’s attack on Destiny’s Child’s most publicity-shy member, but Cole was unrepentant, calling Williams a b***h.

“By the way The B*tch Michelle said some foul s**t while I was performing once. But no one recalls.

“But hey! I love y’all too! And y’all girl is WACK and always will be!”

In response, Destiny’s Child fans hit back at Cole.

“Ay @KeyshiaCole they say that Michelle’s little part in the performance was longer than the total amount of time your mother has been clean,” tweeted one irate fan, alluding to Cole’s mother’s battle with addiction.

Many tweets questioned Cole’s relevance in relation to Beyonce and her crew.

“Keyshia Cole had the nerve to try and call out Michelle when she couldn’t even get her shift at Kmart covered to attend the game,” said another tweet.

When will celebs learn that venting on Twitter is a recipe for disaster?