Dr Tumi. Picture: Lucky Nxumalo
Dr Tumi. Picture: Lucky Nxumalo

Dr Tumi: First gospel star to Fill Up The Dome #GOW2017

By Amanda Maliba Time of article published Aug 21, 2017

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He packed out the Dome, but the popular Dr Tumi hasn't yet had his fill.

He made history last night as the first local gospel artist to #Fill UpTheDome, but the good doctor wants to do so much more.

Dr Tumi, real name Tumishang (Tumisang) Makweya, called for worshippers to gather with him for his live DVD recording at the Ticket Pro Dome, now synonymous for being a platform where local artists make history. Fans from different provinces heeded the call.

Speaking to the artist after he performed for over 2 hours, he said: "What goes on in my mind right now is that anything is possible. This has just stirred me to want to do more and I will do more."

Dr Tumi said the decision to pull together a show of this magnitude was made early June, leaving him with only a month-and-a-half to prepare.

"It's not like we chose to have the concert on a Sunday but we were told that it is the only day available."

With challenges such as people going to work the following day and some travelling far to grace the show, Dr Tumi still managed to fill the 20 000 seater venue to the brim.

"But with all those tabulated challenges, we still had a full house. I am really happy about that."

Dr Tumi. Picture: Lucky Nxumalo

The 'Nothing Without You' hit maker says the desire to finally record a live DVD was too big for him to ignore.

To help realise his dream, he called to stage some of his friends such as Mahalia Buchanan, Pastor Neyi Zimu, Omega and the popular group We Will Worship to share in the glory. 

"This entire experience is really humbling. That is why I even called my friends (on stage) because I wanted them to share in the experience and be part of it. I am really grateful that it is done."

He also added that his dream in fact goes beyond filling the Dome.

"My dream is way bigger than this. I am not even sharing it with people as yet because this for me is one little drop. There is a whole world to get to. This is motivation that it can be done."

The crowd were in full voice, singing along to every song, including the new ones - much to the Dr's liking.

Dr Tumi. Picture: Lucky Nxumalo

"I was impressed at how everyone just caught onto my songs," he said.

Now Dr Tumi plans to take his music to a couple of African countries and abroad.

"We will be doing a tour in the UK, US and Australia. Of course we will be touring a couple of Africa countries as we have a lot of Africa invites between now and December."

* The Live DVD will be available for purchase a month from now.



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