Trisha Goddards problem-solving show makes her the new Jerry Springer, sans the physical fights, |and Judge Judy, sans the robe.

• Trisha II, Sony Entertainment Television, 17.25

Is he the father of the child or not? Is she lying about all the accusations she is laying on him? All these questions are the order of the day on Trisha. The show has DNA tests and lie detectors in almost every episode so it should be fun to see who is caught out growing the Pinocchio nose.


• Super Fun Night, M-Net, 18.00

For more than a decade, a posse of girls spent Friday nights indoors with no plans but TV and each other’s company. But when one of them is promoted they discover there is a whole big world out there. It’s sort of like the one time when kids have the house to themselves when their parents are away: messy.


• Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking, BBC Lifestyle, 20.00

What does an incredible internationally renowned chef cook at home? You are about to find out as Gordon Ramsay takes us to his personal home space and demonstrates how he strips down cooking to the basics. It may be minimal, but it is still all too mouthwatering.


• Howie Mandel and Germ-Free Friends, Comedy Central, 20.05

Prepare for serious laughs as comedian and America’s Got Talent judge, Howie Mandel, hosts this funny show. Quick on the gag, Mandel often moves away from the script, but all the same, he delivers.