Martin Lawrence goes to great lengths to keep stolen goods buried in a police station in Blue Streak.

• Blue Streak, M-Net Movies, 18.15

Follow Martin Lawrence and Luke Wilson as they play cops who appear to be good partners, yet one is hiding something from the other. When the truth finally comes out the two are automatically on opposite sides of the law and one has to fall.


• Chris Angel: Mindfreak, Sony Max, 22.00

If you heard the tales of Houdini and wished you had been there to see him in action, you can stop feeling that way because magician Chris Angel will give you just as many thrills. From card tricks to disappearing acts, there is no limit to what the petite man can do.


• The Arsenio Hall Show, SET, 21.35

Does talk show legend Arsenio Hall still have it, or he is just pushing a dead dream? That remains to be seen, but as far as his guest list is concerned the man is getting it right. From Sean Combs to Blair Underwood, there is no limit to whom Mr Hall can bring.


• The Houstons, Vuzu, 15.00

It’s been a while since Whitney Houston died, yet the drama goes on. Everything now rests on the rebelious daughter, Bobbi Kristina, who simply does not get along with her family.