A former male prostitute in Hollywood has claimed he had sex orgies with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Scotty Bowers, 88, says he catered to the unique sexual needs of the rich and famous for decades, reports Daily Mail online.

In his book Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars, which is yet to be released, Bowers says his clients either solicited his sexual services or requested access to young men and women of their choice.

Bowers lists Cary Grant, Vivien Leigh, Randolph Scott, Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy and Noel Coward as some of his former clients.

According to Daily Mail, Bowers’ reputation among the privileged set began after he met actor Walter Pidgeon, who made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. He was working as a petrol station attendant when their paths crossed.

All of the celebrities he names have since passed away, and Bowers has been tight-lipped until now. “I”ve kept silent all these years because I didn”t want to hurt any of these people,” he said. “And I never saw the fascination. So they liked sex how they liked it. Who cares?”

Bowers says he had sex with the Duke of Windsor in a secluded guest house within 20 minutes of being introduced to him, reports the website.

He describes the duchess as a woman who knew “exactly what sort of young lady” she liked.

Bowers claims that the duke, the Queen’s uncle, and his American wife, Wallis Simpson, were both principally attracted to their own sex, and requested his help in providing for their specific sexual tastes.

While the duke and duchess were staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Bowers says he once sent over a “bunch of new young people for them” and later joined the royal couple in an orgy. He had threesomes with the duke and duchess, but never together, adds Daily Mail. - IOL