Boity Thulo, Monde Twala, and Modiehi Thulo at the launch of the show. Picture: Ant Eye Photography.
Boity Thulo, Monde Twala, and Modiehi Thulo at the launch of the show. Picture: Ant Eye Photography.

Fans can't get enough of Boity's mom Modiehi as reality show premieres

By Thobile Mazibuko Time of article published Feb 6, 2020

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She dazzled in purple formal shorts and matching blazer as she arrived at Rockets in Bryanston, north of Johannesburg where she was launching her new reality show, "Boity Own Your Throne". 

Boity Thulo, the 29-year-old  television personality who has been in the entertainment industry for 10 years aired the first episode of her reality show on BET Africa on Wednesday night. 

She is one of many celebrities who share a glimpse of their private lives with the rest of the world but, the first local celebrity to have a reality show on BET Africa. 

Boity dazzling in purple. Picture: Ant Eye Photography. 

“After Monde and everyone dragged me to have a show, I accepted it because I thought I was ready to show people who Boity really is. I’ve been boxed for so long and a lot of people misunderstood me but I trust myself and I feel this is the right time to be truly vulnerable and show myself,” said Boity. 

Boity’s show portrays black excellence as she shares her journey in the industry and some of the things she’s gone through privately, the including ancestral calling. 

In the show, we see how close she is with her mother, Modiehi Thulo. They live together and although they have that mother-and-daughter love, they still fight like sisters because Modiehi has a thing for Boity’s clothes. 

In fact, at the launch of the show, Modiehi impressed with a red fringing dress that she stole from her daughter. Modiehi is that cool mom who is full of jokes but very protecting and supportive of her daughter. 

Modiehi Thulo rocking a red number that she stole from Boity. Picture: Ant Eye Photography. 

“In school, Boity wanted to do Home Economics but she was very good at Maths and Science. I thought she would work a 9-5 job but she told me she’s not doing that and as my child, I had supported her. 

"The industry is a mess, and when she’s going through its mess, I buy her flowers just to cheer her up because this is a passion, she’s doing what she loves and I’ll support her throughout,” said Modiehi.

After the first episode, Boity took to Twitter to express how nervous she was but fortunately, Twitterville  enjoyed the show and loved  everyone involved in it, especially Modiehi. 

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— Karabo Mokgoko 🦄 (@Karabo_Mokgoko)

%%%twitter">#BoityBETis the focus isn't entirely on @Boity. A good supporting cast makes or breaks a show, its not only about the star. Everyone seems genuine and nothing feels forced. Well done guys.

— VantaBlack💣⚡💥☻ (@JnrNtshanga)

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— Thandeka (@Thandekamabuz)

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