Sassy Durban toddler, Taylor Morrison, tells it like it is.
She has tugged at the heartstrings of her Facebook followers and now she is taking over the hearts of those who watch DStv’s Comedy Central.

The videos of feisty Taylor Cyrilene Morrison, who has become somewhat famous for reprimanding her mommy during their Facebook video chats, has taken Durban by storm.

The 3-year-old, of Newlands East, who tells it like it is, has been described by her mother, Kim, as an intelligent toddler who enjoys the limelight.

“She has an answer for everything. Some have said she is an adult trapped in a little body because her responses are not that of a three-year-old,” said Kim, a travel consultant.

“Taylor, however, knows when I draw the line and respects me as her mother.”

She said Taylor’s brother, 8-year-old Mickayle, who is known for his patience, gets a kick out of rattling her cage.

Their dad, Jerome, is a welding inspector.

The tot, who turned 3 in April, has over 55 000 Facebook page likes on Taylor’s, Terrible/Cute Two’s.

So it was no surprise when DStv came knocking.

She said they had seen Taylor’s page and asked for permission to screen her videos, which is receiving airplay on Comedy Central.

“Taylor has seen herself on TV and is so amazed. But being so little, I don’t think she understands.”

Kim said her daughter was unaware she was being filmed.

“When she is aware, she gets camera shy and the responses are not real.

“So I try to hide the camera because I like the videos real and not rehearsed.”

Kim said her baby would make a fine actress one day but the decision was solely hers.

She added that although Taylor was well known, they did not encourage her to talk to strangers.

“When we bump into people, who recognise her, she gets quiet and will not even make eye contact. She can be shy.

“I have also trained her not to speak to strangers and she takes that very seriously.

“Even if I tell her to say ‘hi’, she replies saying ‘no mommy that’s a stranger’,” said Kim.

Taylor, whose favourite cartoon character is Barney the dinosaur, enjoys playing games outdoors, watching movies and making up songs.

Her claim to fame came in June, when an unknown woman received a video of Taylor on WhatsApp and posted it on Facebook.

“Within two days the video went viral.

“That was when Taylor’s aunt, Sheldene, decided to create a Facebook page for her to share more of her cuteness with the world.”