Kelly Preston and her husband John Travolta at the premiere of 'The Last Song' at the Arclight theatre in Hollywood, California March 25, 2010. Photo: Mario Anzuoni

John Travolta is being sued by his former pilot – the man who claimed he had a six-year gay relationship with the actor.

According to the Daily Mail, David Gotterba is taking legal action against Travolta after the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ star’s representatives threatened to sue him. Travolta’s camp are claiming that Gotterba signed a confidentiality agreement which prohibited him from talking to the media when he left Travolta’s employ.

Gotterba, however, claims he never signed such a document. In his suit, he claims Travolta’s lawyer, Marty Singer, sent him a threatening letter after a National Enquirer interview in which Gotterba claimed he had engaged in a sexual relationship with the actor shortly after he started working for him in 1981. According to Gotterba, Travolta had confided in him that he “preferred men” shortly after tying the knot with actress Kelly Preston in 1991.

Gotterba claims: “They’d just gotten back from the Church of Scientology’s Celebrity Center in Hollywood when I arrived and John asked me to go with him for a walk on the beach.

“We were making small talk when suddenly, I blurted out, ‘So, John, tell me. Now that you’re married, do you still prefer men – or women?’

“He looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘Well, Doug, I still prefer men!’ I said, ‘okay.’

Travolta’s lawyer Singer had this to say: “Mr Gotterba obviously filed this lawsuit to get his 15 minutes of fame. We plan to get this meritless case promptly dismissed.”