Lady Gaga.

Chart-topping popstar Lady Gaga got acquainted with a smash hit of a different kind this weekend.

The ‘Born This Way’ singer was in the midst of performing her hit ‘Judas’ at a show in New Zealand went she was struck on the head with a giant pole.

Gaga carried on performing, but mentioned the incident later on in the show.

“I want to apologise,” she reportedly told her fans. “I did hit my head and I think I may have a concussion. But don't you worry, I will finish this show.”

According to the Daily Mail, the accident happened when one of Gaga’s backing dancers tried to carry a pole off-stage. Gaga had been tied to the pole during her routine. She ducked down to pick up a prop gun, but lifted her head just as one of her back-up dancers attempted to carry the pole off-stage. In footage of the concert posted on YouTube, the 26-year-old star can be seen rubbing her head after the unfortunate incident.

Gaga is playing three shows at the Vector Arena in New Zealand, and her sets are characterised by numerous costume and set changes.

During her show, she rode a motorbike, fell into a meat grinder and appeared to ride a giant insect. - IOL