Where do we find some of our favourite characters in this season?

Aidan Gillen 
(Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish)
When we catch up with Littlefinger, it’s almost like a direct push from when we last saw him last season; he was standing against the wall in the Great Hall in Winterfell, in the shadows. 

For his first scene in season seven, he is in the same room so I thought I would stand in exactly the same place, at exactly the same angle – that could be interesting. 

We left him wondering what he’s up to and we take up asking what he’s up to now? Obviously he’s working some of his magic on the power structure at Winterfell. It is now under the command of Jon Snow.

You saw through season six and maybe even from the end of season five that Littlefinger had been trying to sow some seeds of doubt with Sansa. Doubts about her brother’s validity as a leader, in fact doubts about his validity as a brother. 

How much of a brother is he really, you know, biologically? How much credit did you, Sansa, really get for saving him down at the Battle of the Bastards? Don’t you deserve a little more? That’s Littlefinger’s thing – he’ll push people. He’ll nudge people in a certain direction but then they don’t always take it. And Sansa doesn’t always take the bait because she’s getting clever. 

Daniel Portman 
(Podrick “Pod” Payne)
Essentially, you see Pod developing his skills as a knight. There’s a lot of training involved in this season for Pod; physical training in terms of a lot of sword fights and things like that he has to do. 

They’re just trying to get as much extra tutelage as they can before all the s**t hits the fan. It’s almost like he’s in the eye of the storm at the minute, just waiting for things to happen; brushing up his skills and making sure he’s as ready as he can be when it all happens. 

Isaac Hempstead Wright 
(Bran Stark)
In the first episode we find Bran in a bit of a predicament. He’s lost Hodor who was basically his legs for the past six seasons. We’ve lost his direwolf, who has got a very deep connection with Bran and is practically a part of him as well as also being quite a valuable protection asset. 

Coldhands (Benjen Stark) has also left him, who came and saved the day last time. So it’s now just him and Meera at the foot of the Wall.
On top of that, he now has this huge responsibility upon his shoulders of being the Three-eyed Raven. 

He’s no longer Bran Stark. He remembers what it was like to be Bran Stark, but then he remembers everything that’s ever happened in the universe. 

He’s got all this knowledge about Jon Snow and all the knowledge about the origin of the White Walkers – which may come in handy for defeating them. It all means that Bran is a really, really valuable asset for Westeros right now. He needs to get this information to the right people. At the start of season seven, Bran is on a mission to get to the right place and save the day.

Jacob Anderson 
(Grey Worm)
Every season he’s become a little bit more human, which makes things more complicated and difficult for him because he’s always just been a fighting robot. He does what he’s told and that’s what his life is about. I will say that the hardest bit of acting I’ve ever had to do in my life was Grey Worm smiling last season. 
I’ve played the character for so long I feel like I know him pretty well now, but that was new territory. I think Missandei and Grey Worm, in all reality, what they probably want is to get on a boat and go back to the Summer Isles and just chill. They’ve spent their whole lives in slavery and then working for Daenerys. 

They love her and they’re loyal to her, but I think what they want is a happy ending. I’m not convinced they’re going to get one.

Liam Cunningham 
(Ser Davos Seaworth)
We left him at the end of season six with Melisandre banished and Jon Snow his new boss almost by accident. Now, with Melisandre’s banishment, I think Jon realises that there’s value in this guy.  Even though Jon is King in the North, he hasn’t made Davos a Hand. Their relationship isn’t official.

Rory McCann 
(Sandor Clegane, “The Hound”)
At the end of the previous season he was left with a choice from the Brotherhood Without Banners: “Do you want to do the right thing? Do you want to find peace within yourself? Join us and fight the fight against evil.” And he chose to go with the Brotherhood Without Banners. At the start of this season we are going on a big road trip with them.

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