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New Kinect Games - Reviews

AP's weekly Video Game Video previews upcoming titles for the no-controller Xbox Kinect system. They range from the Western shoot-'em-up "Gunstringer" to the abstract "Child of Eden" to "Once Upon A Monster," featuring Sesame Street.

2 April 2011 | Game Reviews

Book Review: Playing the alpha game with the rich

HEDGE fund billionaires are envied and hated, demonised and mocked. Their outlandish behaviour has not done much for their image, as Sebastian Mallaby shows in More Money Than God, a history of the alpha males who play the alpha game.

1 July 2010 | Game Reviews

2007 year-end games review

Designed for three-year-olds to any age upwards, the 2007 crop of year-end video-games ranges from eye-training to belching bunnies and heavy gore.

20 December 2007 | Game Reviews