Date My Family Thulani. Picture: Twitter
Date My Family’s bachelor was Thulani Mpahululo. He’s 30-year-old, self employed and has 68 tattoos. 

He reiterated that his tattoos do not symbolise anything to do with crime or jail - all of them are based on his life stories.

He was looking for someone who was not going to try to change him.

“I am looking for a down to earth woman, a woman who is also a free soul - ready to try new things and not someone who will try and change me.”

The first bachelorette was Amanda. It took one look at Thulani for her to say: “He is not my type”.

Amanda was looking for a guy who is working. She was described as shy and a fashion freak by her friends.

Amanda said she was looking for someone with great personality, who was also humble.

The date night was a bit of a mess. Amanda’s friends tried their best to accommodate their guest, despite the awkward questions and comments.

“Honestly I thought it was a prank, but he is very interesting ,” said Amanda’s guy friend.

They even tried to prank Thulani, saying that Amanda has four kids.

The friends concluded that Thulani was not the right guy for Amanda, judging from the way they asked about the kind of job he does and “the highest grade” achieved.

The second bachelorette was Sam, who was looking for a tall, dark and handsome guy.

“I am looking for a guy who is focused and who is goal orientated and financially stable.” 

Thulani showed up rocking a denim jacket hanging on one side of his arm, which didn’t really impress Sam and her family.
But after Thulani started interacting with the family, even the aunt started rooting for him. His appearance almost got him kicked out at the beginning, but his personality made up for it.

The dinner went well. Thulani felt at home, and Sam was sold at the end of the evening.

The third single was Asavela, who was also looking for a tall, dark guy, but one who was also monied - someone who would give her “girlfriend allowance”.
“I need a guy who works, has a car. A guy who can maintain me.”

At first glance, Sam burst out in laughter.

“First impressions: nah, not for my friend, NOPE,” said one friend.
Thulani tried very hard to impress the family. He even flashed a stack of cash, but that didn’t work in his favour either.

“I hated everything about him.” Asavela said.

Thulani chose Sam in the end and the date was very awkward. The duo was a total mismatch. He even brought a gift.
Sam was ready to walk away. She said the guy was already smelling of booze before they even ordered anything and he messed it up by ordering a double shot of something…. ( not very gentlemanly). She agreed to take his number but she wasn't going to call Thulani. 

As usual Twitter investigators brought the files and more laughter: