Comedy is a family business for Donovan, Nicholas, Kate and Jason Goliath. Picture: Mike Turner Photography
The Goliath and Goliath trio (Jason, Donovan and Nicholas) scooped the best friend of comedy kudos award at the seventh annual Savanna Comics’ Choice awards on Saturday night.

Goliath and Goliath have won the award every year since its inception in 2015.

“It means the world to us, I feel like that’s why we do it, we’ve always said that Goliath and Goliath as a brand and as a company is for comedy first,” Jason said.

“When your peers in the industry that you slave for, kind of recognise and give you a pat on the back, it’s amazing.

“I think we would be lying if we don’t say it’s a big deal for us. It’s something that we are very proud of, and continue to work hard towards.”

The trio with Kate Goliath, own the Goliath Comedy Club at Melrose Arch. It has weekly comedy shows for other comedians to showcase their talents.

Kate had been asked if it was not difficult putting four brains together: “It’s funny you should say four brains, it’s literally one brain divided into four.

“Each person has his own strengths and abilities... Donovan being the creative side, and myself coming from a PR background.

“Jason comes from a business background, and Nicholas from operations. Together it just all, sort of, helps form a business.

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“A lot of who I am comes through my work, I’m the mother, the sister, the accounts, the booker, and the point of contact. I know the role that I play. I also wouldn’t have my job and my career, if I didn’t have the guys.”

Donovan added: “With this particular industry, the competition is so healthy, because it’s normally divided into the OGs (Original Gangsters), or the old guys who kind of laid the foundation for South African stand-up comedy.

“You get the guys that came after them, and I think it’s us, and then the younger guys. And what it does is it forces everybody to constantly up their game. You are getting fresh perspectives, ideas and performances from everybody across the board.

“And I think it’s helping to educate South African audiences, about stand-up comedy. The Goliath and Goliath brand is expanding their reach and are opening their next comedy club, in the hub of Joburg which is Braamfontein.”

Nicholas said audiences can expect a “shorter New York style line-up”, which was four acts in an hour-and-20-minute show. “I feel like it’s time to expand, there are various reasons why we want to open a new comedy club,” he added.

“Our industry is growing so we need to provide more stages for the growing number of acts to perform, and our audience is growing at the same time, and therefore we also want to give them more opportunity to experience comedy.

“Anybody you can think of in the comedy industry is going to be performing there.”