Cape TOWN 110214 Ken Kunene and the young singer from Paarl Collinecia Hawka at the Zar bar openning on Valentines day Picture Ayanda Ndamane

Is Kenny Kunene broke. The Champagne bottle-popping, self-proclaimed Sushi King, says nothing could be further from the truth, but news reports over the weekend painted an altogether different picture.

Chief among the evidence is the fact that Kunene’s prized black Lamborghini is being sold off by the bank.

“The car is in storage right now. At the moment it is still the property of the bank until it is snapped up. I am told it used to belong to that sushi man-what’s his name?” said a spokesperson. Anyone interested in owning the vehicle will have to fork out R2,6-million.

Meanwhile, an insider from the Kunene camp revealed that the controversial media personality was facing serious money problems. “Kenny is broke. His car was repossessed by the bank. I don’t think his TV show will be renewed next season. He digs into his own pocket. We all feel sorry for Kenny.”

Another insider told the Sunday Sun that Zarfest, which featured a host of top local and international artists, had cost Kunene dearly. “Kenny lost a lot of money on the ZAR-fest. He spent millions on American artists. Some of his suppliers have still not been paid because he doesn’t have money.”

Kunene however, is having none of it.

“It has come to my attention that I am broke,” he told the Sunday Sun.

“Let me put my fans at ease – none of that is happening. I’m not in the habit of responding to gossip but I’m forced to set the record straight. I am NOT broke. I am still standing and am going to stand until Jesus Christ comes back.”

Concerning the Lamborghini issue, Kunene insisted that he and business associate Gayton McKenzie bought and sold cars regularly, and that he had sold the sports car to a friend “a while back”.

“With my partner Gayton I have a fleet of 24 cars. We sell and buy cars on a regular basis.

“I have just ordered a few cars, including a McLaren, Aston Martin and a Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost. A few weeks ago I threw a party for thousands of people in Alexandra because I love everyone. I did the same in Sandton. I have concluded a huge deal with etv for another season of my show.”

Justin Devares, owner of Daytona Sandton, reportedly confirmed that Kunene ordered a host of expensive cars. - IOL