Holly Madison

Holly Madison wants six kids.

The former Girls Next Door star is expecting her first child with Pasquale Rotella next March and she is already planning a “whole tribe” of siblings for the new arrival.

She said: “We want to get married after the baby is born, definitely. We want a small and personal wedding. But it won't happen until next year at least.

“We want six kids. We want a big family - a whole tribe!”

Holly - who is expecting a baby girl - recently admitted it had taken some adjusting to get used to her pregnant shape.

She said: “I'm just getting used to this whole new body. It can be very awkward. My boobs haven't really gotten bigger but I just recently started having back pain, which sucks because I can't take anything for it.

“I've gained about 19 pounds which is pretty normal. I feel good - like I'm healthy and really where I'm supposed to be.” - Bang Showbiz