Chantelle Houghton has reportedly walked out on Alex Reid just weeks before their baby is due.

The reality TV star - who is eight months pregnant - is said to have told friends “enough is enough” and quit the couple's £600 000 house to live in her two-bedroom flat, where she has been sleeping on the floor for the past four nights because there is no bed.

One of Chantelle's friends said: “She is absolutely devastated. She is in a complete state. She has moved back into her flat where she feels safe. She won't tell any of us what Alex has done.

“There are some very worried people. She’s eight months pregnant and is holed up in a flat on her own without even a bed to sleep on.”

Chantelle - who confirmed earlier this month that her wedding to the cage fighter “won't be happening” this year, next year or in 2013 - moved into her and Alex's four-bedroom house in Brentwood, Essex, just one month ago, and he friends believe something “catastrophic” must have happened for her to leave so quickly.

Another pal told The People: “Whatever happened must be catastrophic because she’d never have fled her home for no good reason.

“Her close friends are deeply concerned but she’s so upset she can’t bear to tell anyone why she’s been forced into this situation.”

The blonde beauty is thought to have moved out of the couple's house on Wednesday, May 16, 2012, the same day she wrote a cryptic message on twitter.

She wrote: “Karma is a bitch and I'm so glad it is cos people only find out how much of a bitch it is when its too late and they've hurt u (sic)”

A source added: “Her primary concern is her baby. So close to the birth Chantelle is doing everything she can to make sure her unborn daughter is OK.

“She felt getting away from Alex after his recent behaviour was the best way to make sure of this.

“Chantelle feels safe at the flat. She’s lived there happily for years and enjoys being there, even though it is unfurnished. There have been some problems in their relationship recently and now she has realised that enough’s enough.

“Her friends think there is no way back this time. Nobody thinks she will take him back now.” - Bang Showbiz