Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton has plastic surgery "in moderation".

The 66-year-old singer tries not to have too many procedures at once because she doesn't want to undergo anything too drastic but she's happy to use cosmetic procedures to stay looking good.

Dolly - who has undergone several procedures, including multiple breast enlargement operations - said: "I have my little nips and tucks here and there but I try to do it in moderation. I'm not ever trying to do anything too drastic.

"I just know when I look in the mirror if I need to do a little something. I'll be 67 in January - I'll do whatever needs to be done."

Dolly also revealed she always wears make-up at home because she likes to be prepared for any visitors and she likes to always look great for her husband Carl Dean.

In an interview with the new issue of In Touch Weekly magazine, she said: "I like to put make-up on every day because I never know who's going to come by or who I may see if I run out. I like my face and my hair to look OK if FedEx brings something to the door or the mailman comes by.

"I like to look good for my husband Carl Dean. I don't want to be dressed up for the whole world and go home and look like a hag for him."