Poet Mzwakhe Mbuli. File picture: Dumisani Dube/ANA Pictures
Johannesburg - "The people's poet" Mzwakhe Mbuli has been accused of yet again trying to cash in on the death of a fellow celebrity. 

The allegations follow the death of jazz legend Ray Phiri on Wednesday following a battle with lung cancer. 

PowerFM sports presenter Thabiso Mosia took to social media to lament the death of Phiri and launch a tirade against Mbuli, accusing him of using the tragedy to steal money from Phiri's family.

Mosia, in a series of tweets, related how Mbuli and his "legends cronies" allegedly tried to con kwaito star Mandoza's family during his funeral by offering to organise sound, the venue and food. 

The sports presenter then went on to detail the crew's alleged modus operandi, which starts with offers to help the bereaved family with the funeral arrangements. 

According to Mosia, they then appeal to government officials for money for the funeral but keep most of it, lying to the family that the money donated was not enough. 

Mosia revealed further details of how Mbuli and his pals allegedly sapped money from Mandoza's family, from offering sound at a price to trying to organise the venue for the memorial. 

Mosia exposed more details around the issue and warned Phiri's family to be cautious of Mbuli's intentions. 

There was no response on Mbuli's social media accounts to these claims.

Of course Twitter refused to let the issue slide, with users slamming Mbuli for cashing in on fellow celebrities' deaths. 

See some of the Twitter reactions below: