Nhlanhla from UyangthandaNa. Picture: Twitter

Some call it courage, others say it’s desperation…

But after 35 missed calls and being blocked on whatsapp, Nhlanhla still couldn't take a hint. So he enlisted the help of the UyangthandaNa? show to profess his love for his crush Koketso.

Having failed to pin Koketso down after several weeks of chasing, Nhlanhla thought it would be best to seek assistance from Tats Nkonzo and the team of Mzansi Magic’s dating show.

When asked to guess who she thought was crushing on her, the 24-year-old Koketso mentioned some guy from high school. Then she mentioned the second guy who she recently “blocked” on whatsapp. That was Nhlanhla.

Nhlanhla, who was clearly smitten by Koketso, looked very nervous when she walked into the room.

Koketso showed no interest in him whatsoever. She only laughed, perhaps to try and make light of the awkward situation. 

Nhlanhla then realised his luck had run out when Koketso said: "It's a no for me”.

With rose petals and compliments, the poor guy tried his best to charm his crush but all his efforts were futile.

His pick-up lines were failing him big time: he even compared her to a chicken bone.

Koketso asked him to be patient, but that "fancy English word" got Nhlanhla very angry. 

The rejection was unbearable for Nhlanhla, who walked away from the encounter. Koketso, however, stayed behind to enjoy the meal. All that running away from Nhlanhla must have worked up an appetite.