Lawrence has revealed that she has never had a birthday party. Photo: Instgram

Jennifer Lawrence has revealed she never had a birthday party as a child.

The Oscar winner - who has previously spoken of how her mother brought her up to be tough like her older brothers - was asked by W magazine to recall her favourite birthday party, and admitted she never had one before she was famous.

Jennifer replied: "Definitely my 25th birthday when my friends surprised me with Kris Jenner holding my birthday cake. I don't want to sound like - I know that's a famous person story - but when I was a kid my parents would be like, 'It was your birthday yesterday.' We didn't have like parties, so my only birthday parties are after I'm famous, so suck my d**k."

The 27-year-old actress - who was taking part in a joint interview with her celebrity pal Emma Stone - also revealed her mother Karen wouldn't let her dress up in fancy Halloween outfits and once even put her in a table cloth.

Asked to remember their favourite Halloween costumes from their childhood, Emma said: "I went as Morticia Addams when I was a kid and I got to do those press-on long nails and I had the long wig and all the make-up and I felt incredible. I was six years old."

Jennifer answered: "My mother wouldn't have let me wear those. She would've said they would conjure the devil. I was a picnic table. It was a plastic cloth that kind of sticks like that and then I cut a hole in it. But the problem was I had a crush on this guy named John, and [Halloween] was going to be my only time I was going to be able to interact with a boy and I was so pumped for Halloween because we were going to interact and then I put my face in the table cloth and was like, 'Hi John. Are you my boyfriend?' "