Julia Roberts

Actress Julia Roberts reportedly left onlookers stunned when she delivered a eulogy at her half-sister’s memorial service on Saturday. Witnesses claim Roberts’choice of words was “harsh” and “bizarre” as she spoke about her estranged half-sister Nancy Motes, who committed suicide via a drug overdose in February.

According to a source who attended the service, Roberts didn’t shy away from revealing her anger towards her sister, who had left a suicide note detailing their strained relationship.

“No one was really expecting it, but Julia gave a little speech at one point during the ceremony,” a source told MailOnline.

“Julia said that, as her sister, she just wanted to ‘wring’ her neck because she didn’t wait to see the joy that comes with the morning.”

But what really surprised the gathering was Roberts’ revelation that she admired her sister for taking her own life.

Mourners “were even more stunned when she said that she actually admired Nancy for what she did,”continued the source.

“She said her sister took control and ended her pain when she had no other tolls to cope with it...She said that she admired that she had the strength to do what she did, to end her pain.”

Adding to awkwardness of the situation was the insistence by Motes’ grieving fiancé, John Dilbeck, that Roberts should never have been allowed to attend the memorial in the first place.

Instead, Dilbeck, and many of Motes’ friends, weren’t even invited to the service.

“It really hurts,” said Dilbeck.

“I was very frustrated and hurt by it. I needed to voice being hurt, because Nancy's voice is being silenced,” he added, claiming that there was no way his fiancé would have wanted Roberts at the ceremony.

The “Pretty Woman” star has faced a lot of criticism since the death of her half-sister. The Oscar winner showed up at the service, held in Georgia, accompanied by her mother and her sister Lisa. Actor brother Eric Roberts did not attend the event.