Khanyi Mbau. Picture: Supplied

Khanyi Mbau is dishing out The Scoop on SABC3, every Wednesday at 9pm.

And, honestly, who better than Mbau to lead the way. Her rise and fall - and rise again - in showbiz has grabbed many a headline. 

She is aware of the pitfalls and pleasures of this industry. She enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle of A-list parties, first-class travels, strictly designer gear and who could forget that matching yellow lamborghini with ex-husband, Mandla Mthembu.

In an earlier interview, she said:“Look, I think my experience and time in the industry has been organic. I say ‘organic’ because the growth has been organic. I don’t believe in people who come into the industry and have been perfect all of their lives. To me, that’s a façade.”

Then came the drug and blesser scandals, triggering a downward spiral in her career. 

The one IT girl of Mzansi became “old news” until she bounced back. But first, she poured her emotions (and exorcised her demons) with  her biography, Bitch, please! I’m Khanyi Mbau, written by her close friend, journalist Lesley Mofokeng. 

This cathartic journey helped her close some chapters in her life. 

Mbau notes, “My turning point was when I dated a married man and lost good and valuable friends. Good friends who were women who were married. You see on Facebook, someone had a party and you weren’t invited. When you call them, they say: ‘Eish, Khanyi, it’s just that people weren’t going to be comfortable with you around.’”

Last year, she announced her rebirth with much joie de vivre.

And she celebrated the strides she made in regaining the respect of her industry peers and fans alike with’s Reality Check, followed by her own very popular talk show, Katch it with Khanyi, a debut movie role in Happiness is a Four-Letter Word and a ball-busting part on Umlilo 3.

While Mayenzeke Baza is the creator and producer on The Scoop, with Mbau also co-producing. 

So what can viewers expect?

The biggest scoops every week and a glimpse into what’s going down on the local and international fashion, music, movies and celebrities scene.


Of course, it does tackle the elephant in the room - as in who’s throwing shade on who. 

As someone who’s been-there-done-that, Mbau says, “I always say, hunger is the greatest motivation of success. I got to a point where I couldn’t look after my daughter, I couldn’t afford a car. I couldn’t afford where I lived. Through that, you then search deep into yourself and go back to your talent.”
Mbau is a testament of how fame can make or break you. 

And now she dishes out the “dirt” but in a glamorous, entertaining way!