Khanyi Mbau. Picture: Instagram

Khanyi Mbau claims she doesn't care if people think she looks "pink" and "raw", but she certainly appears to be feeling raw over the way she has been attacked on social media

Mbau sparked heated conversation over a picture which featured the sexy celeb in a skin tone an entire colour spectrum lighter than her normal hue.

Mbau was still hitting back at her "haters" in the wee hours of the morning, swatting away criticism by pointing to her success and the fact that people were still interested in her.

She claimed to be on the set of a film at the time.

"Your comebacks are lame like a soft d*ck. consult your drag manual you are still tired, #PunIntended," she fired back as a troll tried to draw her into a spat.

When another critic claimed all the bad press was making it hard for her to sleep, Mbau retorted: "No ma guy I am shooting a film, y r up? Tryna think where ur rent money is gonna come from?"

Earlier, in a since deleted tweet, Mbau claimed: “Twirra since 2005 and you are still on me... who I marry, what I drive, where I work, how I get my money, now what colour I am! Welcome back."
The TV and radio personality is no stranger to creating waves.
In 2011, leaked nude pictures of her in a variety of sultry poses created a social media stir.