Following the success of their single I Do I Do, Sphectacula and DJ Naves, commonly referred to as the Kings of the Weekend because of their prominence on the party scene, recently released their first single of the year, Believe, which features DreamTeam and Tribal.

“We have always wanted to do a record with Tribal since we heard A Week Ago with Aewon Wolf. We had wanted DreamTeam on our debut album but we couldn’t wrap up that song in time,” they explained.

“So we got together in Durban to finish off that initial idea, but it just wasn’t coming together in the studio. Costah Dollar was engineering that night so we asked him to play some beats as a break from what we were working on. During that jam, the initial version of the Believe beat came to us. We all latched on to that and started working late into the night.”

As you’d expect from the title, Believe is an uplifting song with a motivational message, which is nicely tied together by the song’s catchphrase: It all gets better with time.

Believe also features a choir in the background. Sphectacular said: “Naves has always wanted to experiment with a choir. We started toying with that element and recorded an initial choir, but it didn’t sound quite right until we enlisted our brother Khaya Mthethwa’s help.

“Eight months later we are finally here and ready to share this trailblazing single with Mzansi and beyond.”

Last year, the DJ duo advanced their reputations as the Kings of the Weekend when they launched their new nightclub, Icon Soweto.

“Icon Soweto is the apple of our eye right now. It’s the latest super club in Soweto offering a bespoke experience for those that like that sophisticated entertainment feeling without leaving the ’hood. We opened it in November 2016 and it’s gone from strength to strength since then. There’ve been a fair share of challenges to boot, but as owners it’s all worth it for the vision we have for this jewel of the Soweto nightlife.”

The duo also hosts a show on Metro FM called the Pre Party. Even though they’ve been hosting the show for a number of years, they are still loving the experience.

“Our listeners are a special bunch and they keep us energised and flowing well. It’s such a good time.”

It’s difficult to imagine how they balance their DJing gigs and producing their own music with all of their side projects. But, somehow, they do.

“You’ll always create time for things that you are passionate about, and we really love the freedom to create music that we are blessed with. Also, it feels like we’re always producing because we are always looking for new sounds and always tapping our feet to something. Producing music also sharpens your DJ ear, so the two work great hand in hand.”

Believe is the first single from an EP that they’re trying to wrap up soon. Then they are working towards releasing another EP for the festive season. The work never seems to stop for these two. They say “2017 is studio, studio and more studio. Beautiful sounds coming right up”.