Pic by Alex Kamutondole
Looking back at his time with Cashtime, K.O reflects on how he may have bitten off more than he could chew. Building a label with the ambition that Cashtime had, combined with his solo career ambitions, was brutal.

“The Cashtime situation is really sad. We created a model that worked so well for us, and the culture as well, that even other labels that mushroomed after Cashtime were based on the Cashtime model.” Nevertheless, he learnt a lot from his former business partner and manager, Thabiso Khati, and says there’s no bad blood between them. Right now, his focus is squarely on his music.

“I’ve been in the gym putting in the work. I’ve been in practice making sure that, by the time I come out, I’m coming to make an impact,” he says, using a sports reference. “I feel like I’m ready, but it all goes down to the day of the game when you set your foot on the pitch. By the time the final whistle blows, what’s important is how people feel about your performance in the match.” Only time will tell.

* This is the final instalment in our three-part exclusive interview with K.O