Kris Jenner. Picture: Instagram

Kris Jenner has slammed the "miserable, bitter and nasty" online bullies.
The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star is disappointed her family has to deal with so much hate and has dubbed the internet a "crazy place".

She said: "There's definitely a lot of bullies out there. The Internet is a crazy place. There's a lot of really miserable, unhappy, terrified, angry, bitter, nasty people out there that don't have jobs or are hopeless or depressed and sad, and they can be a big, fat, important bully by going online and typing a really ugly statement to someone else that they've never even met before, that has feelings and a heart.

"And I thought, 'Wow, what happened to just you know, 'give peace a chance'? What happened to the '60s?!' I'm from a different generation - I'm, like, vintage."
However, the bullies haven't stopped Kris opening up her home to the cameras for the family's E! reality show and revealed just to what extent the cameras follow them around.

She added: "The cameras have full access to all of our homes. The only restriction is the shower and the toilets. I wake up, I get glam and then I get mic'd. There's cameras here all the time, and then there's handheld cams.

"I always forget they're there ... And you know, it's interesting. We've never taken anything out."
And Kris has slammed those who say the show doesn't sit hand in hand with encouraging feminism.

She told The Hollywood Reporter for their Awards Chatter podcast: "I think it's definitely a positive. 

I think we show a family that loves each other desperately and that will do anything for one another and do anything for the people that we love. We do a lot for our community and for complete strangers and for people around the world.

"And I think that should be an inspiration, encouraging other people to get up and get to work. I see myself as someone who is definitely shouting from the rooftops that women can go out and be and do anything they want, and I think that's exciting."

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