Kyle Deutsch. Picture: Supplied
Kyle Deutsch is a little under the weather right now. But he isn’t planning on slowing down for anyone. That much is evident from the solid first half to the year he’s had thus far.

Just two weeks ago, he was at the South African Music Awards (Samas) where he was nominated for best remix for the Can’t Get Enough remix, featuring Kwesta, Tellaman, BigStar and Sheen Skaiz.

And a few weeks before that, he opened for Justin Bieber, along with the Wolf Pack collective.

“That was something crazy,” he says. “To have about 70 000 people at each venue who are loving your music and are singing along with you is really something very special.”

Apart from his music career, Deutsch is also a professional chiropractor. Due to his hectic schedule, he’s found himself having to put in the hard hours in order to achieve his goals.

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Last week, Deutsch appeased his fans’ thirst for new music with the release of a cover to Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You.

“It’s obviously a massive song right now and with people loving the song, we always like to throw in some edits for performance value at the shows,” he explains. “I did it more for performance than anything else. I think the crowd and the fans would love to hear it on a more regular basis, so we thought we’d just release it on Soundcloud for them to listen to and enjoy.”

On Saturday, Deutsch will be performing at Parklife Gourmet Food and Music Festival alongside international artists Matt Simons (US), De Hofnar (Netherlands), Gavin James (Ireland), and Melvv (US). He’ll also be joined on stage at the event in Marks Park, Emmerentia by local artists such as Jeremy Loops, Matthew Mole, GoodLuck, Sketchy Bongo, Euphonik, Tresor and Rubber Duc.

“I think Parklife is going to be an awesome event,” he says. “I’ve done Parklife Cape Town and Parklife Joburg before and the crowds are usually really responsive and they tend to really enjoy their time at the festival.

“It’s definitely one of my favourite festivals around and it’s different because it caters for everyone. The market is broader.”

For his set, Deutsch says he’ll be going for a very electronic set and people can expect some energy and to be able to dance to the music.

As a follow-up to the success of Can’t Get Enough, Deutsch says that fans can expect new original music soon.

“We’re planning on finishing up a new single called Killer, which we’re hoping to release really soon. There’s also a whole lot of other new music coming soon. We were in studio with Kelly Khumalo this past weekend and we have a new track coming with her, so there are some things in the pipelines.”

Deutsch, who was born and raised in Durban and still calls it home, says that, although he’s often tempted to relocate to Joburg, he’s still loving life back home.

“The temptation is always there, but I think Durban is home. Family and friends are here and that’s a large part of my life. There is everything we need down here: There are top quality producers we’re working with. I think the only real drawcard to moving to Joburg is that there are a lot more visually appealing things, so there are more openings. There are more celebrities there so your exposure in that regard is larger.

“But sometimes it’s nice to not have to busy ourselves with appearances in places we don’t have to be and we can use those hours to either make new music or to get other work done or rest and see family and friends.”

His main goal for the rest of the year is to put out an album.

“I’d say we’re about halfway there. We have a couple of tracks that we need to round up and get sorted and then will, hopefully, put out an album before the end of the year.”

His aim is to make his album as diverse and unpredictable as possible.

“With me a lot of my music is always different. There are different genres and different nuances in the music and my aim is to release music where people can enjoy all the songs and have every song on repeat, but with favourites there for each person,” he says.

“Maybe you’ll find a pop-sounding song, maybe an R&B song, a house track or something that’s a bit more upbeat and dancy. So I think it’s going to be a slightly diverse album and people can expect not to hear the same sort of sounds on every track.”