Being a Grammy Award winner is no guarantee of taste. Country star LeAnn Rimes proved that this past weekend by tweeting a picture of a very questionable cake she had given her husband Eddie Cibrian for his 39th birthday.

The red velvet cake features frosted replicas of Rimes and Cibrian in bed together, with Cibrian’s two young sons from a previous marriage looking on from the foot of the bed.

“Eddie's favorite things birthday cake!” tweeted a proud Rimes, but she was forced to defend her choice of confectionery after some Twitter users questioned her sense of decency.

“ALL please find a sense of humour,” she responded.

Apparently, Rimes can’t have her cake and eat it too, which certainly seems to be the case regarding her relationship with Cibrian’s ex-wife Brandi Glanville. Both Rimes and Cibrian left broken-hearted spouses in their wake after engaging in a passionate affair in 2009.

Relations between the two women have been understandably frosty, but Rimes has at least been trying to break the ice. According to the Daily Mail, she sent the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star a playful message after seeing a picture of Glanville and her stepson dressed in a Hawaiian outfit.

“Had to share his luau fabulousness!!!! Mom and he are gonna rock out today. @brandiglanville have Fun!”

Glanville, however, took ages to respond, but finally wrote back: “@leannerimes just seeing the luau tweet, been crazed, thanks we had a blast”.

Perhaps Rimes profile picture, which shows her draped across Cibrian, also had something to do with the delay. - IOL