Life Lessons for Life Coach Lee-Anne as she makes #SurvivorSA exit

Published May 17, 2019


Being Mrs Nice backfired on Lee-Anne van Reenen, a mother of two and a life coach from Durbanville, Cape Town. She felt the flames at Tribal Council in last night’s episode of Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets before hers was extinguished.

In a last-ditch effort shortly before, she tried to woo her fellow Tribe Sa'ula mates. But it was too late - alliances were formed. 

Steffi Brink chastised her for not approaching anyone of them sooner. And Lee-Anne’s response of not having had the time was refuted by Steffi, who felt she didn’t take the opportunities - of which, there were plenty. 

On being the first person to be voted off the island, Lee-Anne says, “I was down to Sepei (Mashugane) and me. Nothing prepares you for it (Tribal Council).”

She defends, “I was very gullible. I thought we were all close enough. After the challenge, you only have an hour and a half to prepare for Tribal Council.”

So why didn’t she forge any alliances as soon as she arrived at the camp?

She says, “The only chance I had was at the beginning. But I was with Sepei and I didn’t want to leave her alone. I thought I had time.”

Being on Survivor was a bucket list tick for Lee-Anne. 

Commenting on her gameplan, she admits, “I was very laid back. I never really had a strategy. I just wanted to make friends and use that to my advantage.”

Sadly, her plan failed. 

During her short spell on the island, she did learn a few life lessons though. 

“I ticked a bucket list wish. I am more grateful for all that I have. Standing in a forest, when it is raining and you have to go to the loo, or just lying in the shelter, with water running through it, these are things you can’t save yourself from when you are there,” she adds.

Then there was a different kind of competition going on in her tribe - she found herself going up against Nicole once again. They both were in the running for Mrs SA, which Nicole won. 

She says, “I had known her personally as we were in a competition together. I used to be one of her biggest fans and she’s accomplished quite a bit in her life. That’s something I admired about her. She is someone who fights to the very end.”

While her long-standing rivalry came to a grinding halt and she didn’t get to make friends, Lee-Anne says, “I don’t regret anything”.

How nice of her! 

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