Kim Engelbrecht. Picture: Supplied

There is currently a lot of hype - and celebration - around Kim Engelbrecht, along with Neil Sandilands, bagging lead roles in The Flash, which is based on characters from DC Comics. 

This gorgeous actress may have become a household name as Lolly De Klerk on SABC3’s Isidingo but her achievements to date supersede her fame on the soapie. 

I remember interviewing her in 2015 and her recalling that “leap of faith” journey. 

She had nothing cast in stone when she exited the show but she knew what she wanted - she wanted to make her mark on the international front. 

While she was working towards that goal, she was in The Wild, Die Byl, Geraamtes in die Kas, the British series Mad Dogs, SAF3 and the home-grown movie, Konfetti.

Along came Dominion, where she was cast in a kickass role as Sgt. Noma Banks. She also was in Gavin Hood’s Eye in the Sky.

With every opportunity she got, she proved her mettle and her versatility. 

And now she has been confirmed as The Mechanic, a highly intelligent engineer, in The Flash. She is without a doubt a phenomenal actress who is most deserving of every bit of high-praise. She works hard and is a consummate professional. 

I can’t help but reflect on how true her comments were in the interview we did. She said: “You have to be patient and just work on your craft; try and do good work and choose your projects well. My confidence in acting and who I am grows with every project. There is a saying: ‘What you are seeking is seeking you’. It’ll find me!”

We wish her all the best!

Kim Engelbrecht. Picture: Supplied

Neil Sandilands

From Bart Kruger in SABC2’s 7de Laan to a seriously impressive résumé. I mean just looking at the movies and TV shows he’s done, where does one begin? Probably, an applause. He deserves it because he has worn the hat of producer. 

He is celebrated for his versatility. I’m sure South Africans were smiling with pride seeing him as Hendric Kruger in a recent episode on NCIS. Sandilands was also in The Americans, The 100 and he has got three big screen movies in post-production: Frank & Ava, Salamander (a made-for-TV film) and Day Six.

And, of course, he is cast as Clifford DeVoe/ The Thinker in The Flash. Engelbrecht plays his right hand in the series. 

Neil Sandilands. Picture: Supplied

Lesley-Ann Brandt

Wow! That’s the initial reaction to Lesley-Ann Brandt. She’s a bombshell. It’s also one of the reasons why fans of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena haven’t forgotten her. I say one of the reasons, because she is also a damn fine actress. She has been in Gotham, Single Ladies, CSI: NY and Being Mary Jane. 

Two years ago, we chatted about her role in The Librarians, a TV spinoff the movie franchise. But she keeps on pulling out one bigger after another. 

At the moment, fans have been loving her as Mazikeen (aka Maze) in Lucifer. Aside from being a forceful character, she sizzles on screen in her role as the she-archdemon (Lucifer Morningstar’s devoted ally). And she has two movies in the pipeline: Killing Winston Jones, which stars Richard Dreyfuss, and Heartlock. 

Lesley-Ann Brandt. Picture: Supplied

Sean Cameron Michael 

The inimitable Michael has been popping up on the big and small screen a lot of late. Splitting his time between his Hollywood and South African projects, he’s been having a blast leaving his footprint in tinseltown. And he’s been getting the hang of the casting culture there - while getting to befriend his US counterparts. 

Aside from bagging a role in Michael Bay’s Black Sails, he’s also featured in Scorpion, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Kings and Prophets, Blood Drive, Shooter and Origins: The Journey of Humankind.  On the big screen, he’s been in The Salvation, Broken Darkness and The Mummy. There are two projects in the bag, too. 

With all these wonderful achievements, he learned one thing. 

Sean Cameron Michael. Picture: Supplied

He revealed: “I think very often as South Africans, we tend to put ourselves down and think we aren’t good enough to compete internationally. The truth of the matter is, when we spread our wings and put ourselves out there, we are as good and can compete in that arena.”

I couldn’t have said it better!