Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan has settled a dispute with a Betty Ford worker according to reports.

The actress - who was accused of being violent with a member of staff at the rehabilitation clinic in 2010 - is said to have paid off the worker.

At the time, Lohan said she was provoked by the alleged victim, Dawn Holland, and may have injured her in self-defence.

The woman sued the 25-year-old star following the occurrence, where she was apparently opposed to taking a breathalyzer test.

According to the prosecutor, the defendant appeared intoxicated at the time and Holland says she grabbed her right wrist, "twisting and pulling it for eight to 10 seconds."

According to TMZ, the case was closed for an undisclosed amount.

Last week it emerged that Lohan has escaped any criminal charges for her alleged hit-and-run in March.

The 'Mean Girls' actress was accused of striking nightclub manager Thaer Kamal with her car and driving away from Sayers Club in Hollywood on March 13.

However, prosecutors have cleared Lohan's name after a video documenting the incident failed to show any collision on the human or vehicle. - Bang Showbiz