Mahoney Kolela and Eusebius McKaiser. Picture: Twitter

Last night's Date My Family bachelor Mahoney Kolela wasn't going to mince his words. The activation coordinator from Kibler Park got straight to the point: "I'm looking for a person who could be a potential wife."

But despite his desire for a family, Mahoney seems to have a reputation for being a ladies man. Twitter has since rechristened him "Mahorny".

Mahoney wanted someone beautiful and smart. She had to have her life in order. Mahoney wanted an independent woman. She “definitely has to work” he said.

"I'm not out here to support other people's children... but I don't mind spending money on my partner," he added.

The first potential 'wife' was Lerato from Kibler Park. Like Mahoney, she wanted someone who was working. Like virtually every other Date My Family hopeful, she wanted a guy with a car.

"I am tired of taking taxis to men who don't appreciate me," she said. 

The date with her family seemed to have gone well as they all got along.

When asked about his last stable relationship, Mahoney said three years ago.

“I don’t go around looking searching for relationships”, he said.

Quick on the draw, Tweeps were lining up to peruse Mahoney's files.

Moving along swiftly...

The second hopeful was Tiisetso from Dobsonville. She’s an executive PA.

An ambitious extrovert, Tiisetso was looking for a guy who could provide for himself, but was also fun and outgoing.

She said she wanted a man who respects women. No chauvinist pigs for Tiisetso.

“I want a man who values women, not an abuser and I’m not willing to compromise respect," she said.

Maybe forthright Tiisetso put Mahoney off his stride, because when they asked him how long he had been single, he said two years. Earlier he had said three. 

Mahoney then revealed he was cheated on in his previous relationship.

“I have never cheated before,” he added.

Mahoney wasn't making a good impression. Tiisetso's friend said he seemed a "bit arrogant".

The third and final contestant was a 24-year-old freelance journalist named Kwena, from Hartbeespoort.

She was looking for a fun guy, someone smart, but also family orientated.

“I think this is the one”, Mahoney said even before the date night.

But the date was an awkward disaster, with a lots of tension after he offended Kwena’s friend.

Luckily, it didn't seem to bother Kwena that much. “This can be the one, he’s so hot,” she said excitedly.

When Kwena's aunt asked Mahoney about his worst trait, he said: "People with low self-esteem think that I'm arrogant".

Mahoney chose Kwena and tweeps got all their guns out: