Maps Maponyane. Picture: Instagram
Maps Maponyane. Picture: Instagram

Maps Maponyane changes the game with WhatsApp channel

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Jul 24, 2019

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In an era where celebrities have developed their own apps for their fans to stay up to date, one celebrity is doing things differently. 

Unlike Kim Kardashian and Bonang Matheba, television presenter and actor Maps Maponyane has turned to WhatsApp, a platform that has 1.5 billion users. 

Moving away from developing his own app, Maponyane has developed  Modern Maps, a lifestyle channel available on WhatsApp.

“Modern Maps came about through me wanting to share my thoughts, my experiences, what I think about certain things, share my daily life and even what my life is like behind the scenes and I did not want to create an app for that because I didn’t want people leaving whatever they were doing and logging into an app. Most people use WhatsApp as a tool of communication and it is always open so it is a great platform,” he said.

He also said he felt apps had no personal connection, which was what he wanted.

He feels that although people get an idea of what his life is like from following him on social media platforms, there is a lot he does not share.

“I have a very silly side to me but people don’t know that because they associate me with Top Billing, for example. Most of what I put on social media is work-related so Modern Maps gives me the opportunity to show people another side to me and doing so on an interactive platform is even better,” he said. One of the biggest things he highlights on Modern Maps is mental health.

“I feel that as a person with a large following, I have a responsibility to those people who follow me because life can get really difficult for all of us, but I am in a position to inspire people. Life has ups and downs, but we can navigate through it better if we help each other which is why health and wellness are categories on the channel,” he said.

The channel includes lifestyle and fashion categories and all the content on the channel is curated by Maponyane.

To join his WhatsApp channel, simply click on on your cell phone browser and follow the prompts. 

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