Marks and Sylvia Maponyane. Picture: Social Media

Soccer legend and SABC Sports commentator Marks Maponyane has been found guilty of assaulting his former wife Sylvia Maponyane by the Tembisa Magistrate's Court on Friday.

Maponyane was fined R 3000 or six months imprisonment and a further R 6000 or 24 months imprisonment.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesperson Phindile Mjonodwana confirmed that Maponyane was found guilty of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm for beating his former wife.

“He pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife and was found guilty and given a suspended sentence," she said.

Mjonodwana said the sentence would serve as a warning to would-be-women bashers and also send a strong message to the society that such behaviour punishable by law.

“It is also a victory for all women in the country, anyone who perpetrates violence against women will incur the full wrath of the law irrespective of the social standing in society.” she added.

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According to reports Sylvia Maponyane said her husband’s convictions made her feel numb.

“The whole thing makes me numb as I didn’t expect it to reach this stage”.

The couple have been together for 39 years. 

“I have not even told the kids about this,” she said.

Maponyane opened a case of assault a year ago after the former Kaizer Chiefs player assaulted her at their home in Centurion.

She said they were was arguing about Maponyane’s alleged affair when he lost his cool and hit her in the face with a hanger.