Would you marry a complete stranger? The second season of the reality show Married At First Sight South Africa premieres tonight on Lifetime (DStv channel 131).

The show kicks off with the reunion episode as the couples from season one take viewers down memory lane.

Sadly none of the three couples that got married in the first season stayed married but all will be revealed tonight.

Adapted from the American reality television series, the show features three couples paired up by relationship experts.

The couples complete strangers who agreed to marry people they will only meet when the matrimonial happens. They then go on honeymoon and upon their return live together as a married couple for six weeks.

If the couple decide for whatever reason that they do not wish to continue with the marriage, they get a divorce.

The panel of experts are: relationship expert Paula Quinsee, Counselling Psychologist Neo Tshireletso Pule, Sex Health Specialist Professor Shingai Mutambirwa, Financial Expert Winnie Kunene and radio and television presenter, Sam Cowen who will be the life expert.

Speaking about the what the show has in store for viewers this season, executive producer Rebecca Fuller-Campbell revealed that more screen time will be dedicated to the daily adventure that is marrying a complete stranger.

"A lot more screen time however will be dedicated to the experts and participants in workshops and sessions as well as showing more of the reality of our couples in day to day life," Fuller-Campbell said.

Asked about cultural differences in our country which include lobola, the producers revealed that should the couple decide to stayed married, the show will pay the lobola however they will not be involved in the negotiations, they will leave that to the two families.
* The show airs on  Lifetime at 8:50pm.