Micasa. Picture: Twitter

Micasa nearly broke up. Lead singer J’Something told the Fresh Breakfast show this morning that the award-winning group were ready to call time on their run of success.

“We nearly split up as a band four months ago” said J’Something. The problem was six years of little issues that you sweep under the carpet all the time as a band.”

The more sceptical among us might see this revelation as a publicity stunt, particularly since Micasa are promoting a new album. 

But J’Something is adamant that their latest work is more than just an album - it was a project that brought the Micasa trio back together.
“This album isn't an album that we made because we needed to put out another album. This album was made because we nearly broke up as a family, as Micasa. When I say this I’m not trying to be dramatic. I have six songs on my laptop that was a solo album. I was ready to go,” he said.

Micasa's new album, Familia, which will drop in August, is a result of the affirmation that “we are family”.
The album features a track titled 'Nana', which is the story of forgiveness. 

“I come from a broken family, so my father wasn’t around, and the scary fact is that 50 odd percent of families end up in divorce. And one of the first things you heard about the band is you guys are going to break up, all bands break up,” J’Something said.

“When we look back at everything we’ve done and the amount of support we’ve been given, that’s what kind of kept us going and the common passion to make music with meaning, music that actually means something.

“I would like to teach people through this album and is that you really have to fight for the things that you love and mean something to you.
“That’s what we did as a brand - we fought for this to stay on and that’s why the project is called Familia.”
Somizi asked what message the band would give to upcoming bands or groups to avoid this kind of conflict.

“First of all, you can’t avoid it. People will come to you and tell you that you are better off on your own and you’re going to make more money on your own...that you are Beyonce and you are bigger that Destiny’s Child.
“You have to define why you’re doing this, that you’re commonly together because you love music. When you have a purpose, that is bigger than money or anything else. If you have a purpose in the band, that is gold,” said J’Something.

Fresh asked how resolution came about.
“We had a get together and, at that moment, it wasn’t let’s talk to fix things, for me at least, it was let’s talk so we can move on, so we can cut this off and we can move on,” said J’Something.
And yes, men do cry. J’Something admitted that there was some weeping during the conversation.

“I got no shame to say that I was the one who cried and that is part of the family thing... we cry for something that means something to us and Micasa means everything to us.”

* Nana is dropping on Friday and will be available on iTunes.