Singer Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj won't watch herself on 'American Idol'.

The 30-year-old rapper is too self-conscious to watch herself in action on the singing competition because she is her own worst critic and worries she will pick flaws in herself.

She said: “I'm not going to watch myself. I have a hard time watching myself with anything. I'm afraid I'm going to overanalyse it and make myself feel bad about something I can't change. With a performance, I'll watch and then pause it and see if I could handle that. Sometimes it's a good performance and I really love it and I'll watch it every day after that. I'm my biggest critic.”

The feisty 'Starships' singer - who claims her vicious spat with fellow judge Mariah Carey is in the past - plans to pass on her ability to judge and analyse her own live performances to all the contestants in her category.

Nicki explained: “When I'm on the stage I feel what I do - if I do great, if I do not great, I feel it. It's funny because that's what we're trying to tell the contestants. You should be at a place in your artistry when you know when you're on and when you're off, and no one should even need to tell you that.”

The outspoken star was convinced to join the panel after watching rival talent shows where a sob story is key and claims she would never put someone through on the basis that their backstory was TV-worthy.

Nicki told Britain's OK! magazine: “When I watch these shows and they say yes to someone who clearly doesn't deserve it, that bothers me in my soul - I want to jump through the TV. For me, it was completely different. I don't feel the need to send someone through just because of a great story.” - BANG Showbiz