Arya has captured the imagination of the youth with his “lover boy” image and it is not a surprise that he chose Amara Kaaviyam, a film of intense emotions, to launch his home production The Show People. The first copy of the film was screened to Arya and his friends on May 18.

After watching the movie, his eyes were filled with tears and he chose to walk away from the venue in silence. Since he had to report to another shoot on the same day, Arya had to rush off after the screening.

Arya, a man never known for hiding his emotions, ordered 143 cakes and distributed them to the film’s team and his friends.

Asked about the significance of 143 cakes, the actor explained that “143 is the symbolism of ‘I love you’ and it instantly struck me to choose this number. I was amazed and stunned with the final output of Amara Kaaviyam. I felt the pride of producing a good film after watching it”. –