The Justin Bieber documentary Believe is strictly for Beliebers.



There’s a possibly interesting or amusing film to be made about the Justin Bieber phenomenon, but Bieber’s Believe isn’t it. Director Jon M Chu’s second documentary is strictly for the Beliebers, with any non-fans sure to respond with bemusement. Stealthily released on Christmas Day, this follow-up to the equally hagiographic Justin Bieber: Never Say Never is unlikely to match its commercial success, although DVD sales will undoubtedly be healthy.

Early on, there’s some hope that the film might contain some healthily sceptical perspective, with the young pop star admitting that his forlorn attempt at growing facial hair is “delusional”. But those hopes are squashed fairly quickly, as the proceedings soon come to resemble the sort of promotional behind-the-scenes video commonly attached to CD releases. It’s obvious that the film endorses the view of a fan who proclaims, “The haters are just jealous.”

Don’t look for any references to sneaking out of Brazilian brothels or being filmed sleeping in bed by an unidentified woman here. Reuters/Hollywood Reporter